FEB 16TH @ RED BENNIES LIVE: Undercolours, Pretty Littles and The Pierce Brothers!

Undercolours, Pretty Littles and The Pierce Brothers

With explosive rock sounds charging forth from their instruments, the Undercolours painted the scene with their emotive yet compellingly bold story telling. This band has supported such acts as Grouplove and Naked and Famous and are a force to be heard.

 The Pretty Littles draw from such acts as The Vasco Era, Big Scary, The Delta Riggs, The Fumes, Band Of Skulls, Children Collide and Paul Kelly, just to name a few. These are certainly pronounced through their music as shown on the night.

Having identical twins on stage bought the house down with their electic mix of harmonics and unusual role playing with instuments including a didjeridoo. Playing catchy roots and pop songs, their formula is undoubtedly winning them many fans as they establish themselves on the Australian music scene.

Here are the best images from the night...

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