Moving a RAAF Mirage fighter jet that was on static display at the Australian Air Show (March 2011) to home base, Point Cook

Moving the Mirage
On a borrowed camera
So a story behind these photos, the camera. I was on borrowed time when shooting these images. I was rushed and unaware of the truck's next move. I didn't have any of my own equipment with me, as it was being serviced by Nikon.

I had, the night before, rushed around to a friend's place and borrowed his beloved Nikon D90 and its kit lens off him.

Upon getting down to Avalon Airport at 0500hrs, I found the high ISO performance of the D90 somewhat lacking compared to my camera. My esteem for great images went straight towards the damp, cold, dewy ground. The clouds rolled in over my head. I was so worried that being the 'photographer' onsite with what seemed to the drivers as a flash camera, was really something I wasn't all to confident in.
However, I've managed to pull off some good images. Images that I am quite pleased with.

So without any more delay, let the mirage appear...

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